Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today is a banner day in Pheromone Girl Land.

Blog numbr 250. My work here is done. I was given a project and it is now being filed away as complete. I'm rather amazed at how far I've come in the months since I started blogging. There's a lot more self awareness. I've learned that just because I can't sit across a table from most of you and have coffee that doesn't mean that you affect my life and my world any less. I find myself sharing things I learn on your blogs (about baby puppy and her love of bats, about the Wolverines playing Notre Dame today, about Fireblossom's most beautiful poetry). And about deep connections with almost complete strangers.

I have also spent more time than I care to admit explaining myself. I stopped doing that recently, with a strong suggestion from a very wise woman. I can say yes, please or no, thank you. But I am no longer allowing myself to say "That blog post wasn't about you...", "You took that the wrong way..." or anything else. Take me as I am or shove off.

The next week will be very interesting. I get to decide if I want to continue to write as Pheromone Girl but take things in new directions, if I want to start a whole new blog with a compleptely different theme or some combination of the two. But I promise you this - I will continue to write - keep up with my friends and be a part of this bigger world that has drawn me in.

You probably won't see me again until next weekend, when I will create my new persona, a new look and some new, interesting points of discussion. I hope!

Until then, be well, thanks for following and go out and live, would ya?! By the way, that's me on an elephant at Wildlife Safari with my brothers. It was the year I turned seven.


  1. I have no words of wisdom to match what you have already said, but I do have a really cheesy elephant story and the bad taste to tell it.

    Once a guy was traveling through Africa and saw an elephant one foot in the air. Upon closer examination, he sees a thorn stuck in its foot. Overcome by compassion, he worked for several minutes to free the elephant. The elephant was so greatful it followed him for several hours.

    A few years later he takes his family to the zoo. While there, he sees an elephant standing with its foot in the air. He stares and stares, finally becoming convinced it is the same elephant.

    Knowing the fantastic memory of elephants, the man throws caution to the wind and leaps into the elephant enclosure to be reunited with his friend. He walks over to the elephant, taps him on the leg and says, "How's the foot, old bean?"

    At which point the elephant wraps its trunk around him and dashes him into the cement wall of the enclosure, killing him.

    I guess it wasn't the same elephant.

  2. When I first started life in the internet world I was very different. I said too much, opened up too much and tried to be what other people wanted me to be. After a while I felt like a fake. This was not on a blog, but a message board I was part of, and I was too emotionally attached.

    I took a break, cut the crap out, and came back as the real me. Warts and all. That was when I started Joey's pad.

    I don't regret it, because I did "find myself" in the process of it all. But I was in too deep for a while.

    I look forward to whoever you choose to be next. :)

  3. Please keep us informed on what your ultimate plans are.

    I found this to be a very interesting blog and I would like to continue following this blog and/or the interesting person who created it.

  4. We hope you remain in the blogosphere, dear!


    Comfort Spiral

  5. I love that picture! That is A LOT of blogs for the amount of time...and I have enjoyed reading them :)

  6. lol @ shove off. I love it.

    We, too, are priveleged to know The Girl!

  7. I'm interested to see what comes next.

  8. I will comfortably make the assumption that your next incarnation will be an interesting and enjoyable one. It's been wonderful getting to see the little slice of you that you've shared on this blog, but the wonderful thing about the internet is how easily you can re-invent yourself time and again, or rather explore different facets of yourself. Can't wait for the big unveiling. Should I bring champagne?

  9. I'll be waiting and take as much as time as you want PG, things can't be rushed and I'm so glad that you've shared so much with us. I am so happy to embrace friendship with you ;D

    BIG HUGS!!!!

  10. I'll bring the vino tinto to your opening party! ;)

    Btw, I love that photo. It's so cool!!

    I want to tell you, I have been through three blogs, so I can understand thet need to move onward and upward and change your theme, and to explore the part of you that wants to come out and play and just be.

    Enjoy being all of you!

  11. Keep us posted...hehehehehe..:P

  12. See you soon! Can't wait! And I LOVE the photo! enJOY your day!!

  13. I'm a lurker. Sorry - I know it's very rude.

    Every time I've started a new blog over the years, I find myself missing the "old me" after a few months. If I could do it over, I'd have kept it all in one place.

    And whenever people get to the point where you are, I de-lurk and mention it.

    And... that might be it.

  14. Cool photo. You've got a friend in Beantown,Girl.