Thursday, September 10, 2009


Driving through town,
a story erupts
as a homeless man
crosses at the walk,
waiting for traffic.

I was at Naito at Harrison
or was that Harrison at Naito?
Never mind.

He reminded me
of how close I came
to being in his shoes.
Kids in tow.
Living under a bridge.

Thank you, kind universe.

As usual, my 55 starts with G-Man. Check out his site to read more fiction, written in 55 words - no more, no less. I am blessed that my vision of a homeless Pheromone Girl and family is just that, fiction. Today, in honor of September 11th, my 55 means a little bit more. For every comment left on my blog, I will make a $5 donation to Sister's of the Road cafe in Portland, where people work or barter for meals to feed their families, their souls and themselves.

Please know how close I came to needing their help and think of those less fortunate than you are today, as a way to memorialize the victims of September 11 with ACTION. Comment. Please.

" in fifty children in America is homeless," said U.S. Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr. (Pennsylvania), chair of the Advisory Board to the Campaign to End Child Homelessness.

Peace to you all and may you never feel want.


  1. What a generous and compassionate gesture Rachel. You are truely a Rose among the Thorns.
    Thank you for being such a fine human being...
    You Rock Sista!!!
    Excellent 55..
    Excellent way of showing your gratitude.
    Have a Kick-Ass Week-End....G

  2. Thank God it is only fiction.
    Good for you! :-)

  3. what an amazing tribute, what a beautiful 55. bless your heart

  4. "It is in giving that we receive". You may be on to something big here. What a wonderful idea to give back! I love your 55 spirit!

  5. If only everyone were so thoughtful and generous, what a wonderful world we would live in. Awesome 55 and keep up the great work, very appreciated.

  6. Thank you for visiting my site and I welcome you.

    I'm commenting to let you know I appreciated your 55 and 'donate away' my friend - to such a worthy cause.


  7. Fantastic 55 and such beautiful sentiment. Hats off to you on this one. :)

  8. Great 55 ---and so glad your donation will go to a worthy cause. Thanks also for the quote from one of my own Senators (PA.)

    My Flash 55 for this week is HERE.

  9. What an touching 55 ~ and what a kind, thoughtful and generous soul have you. Thank you for mentioning Sister's of the Road cafe ... what a great gift they give.

    Mine is here.

    Chef Kar

  10. comment comment comment comment lol

  11. Wow...just wow. So heart poignant.

    Mine's posted too. As always, scroll down beyond my show n tell for Friday!

  12. A giving 55. A fitting tribute to the day.

    Mine is posted


    But it’s a groaner.

  13. you make far more difference with that gesture than a lot of people who make an awful lot more noise. well done

  14. a great fiction story -- and like everyone else, i'm glad to hear it was only fiction.

    you're a wonderful soul -- thank you.

    warm smiles & a hug,

  15. pay it forward. This reminds me of that whole idea, of paying it forward.

    Lovely 55 and lovely gratitude.

  16. I hope to get to Portland some day, my sister and neice and nephew live there... I'm in Charleston, SC

    Good to see your blog and what a wonderful service to provide to Sister's of the Road...

  17. In difficult times, it is always good to look around & thank God that we are not in their shoes, that things are not worse than they are!

  18. We thank the Creator every day we weren't born human.
    Great 55 and great act of kindness

  19. You are going places, Chica! Remember that!

  20. What a beautiful and heartfelt post.

  21. under the bridge, i have spent alot of time there...

    my 55 is late but up

  22. You are an angel! And, the 55 is wonderful.

  23. I wasn't able to comment yesterday but just want you to know that I hear you :D Great post.

  24. Thanks to everyone who visited. I'm rounding up to an even thirty in case there are stragglers and will be hand-delivering my check for $150. You all ROCK!