Monday, July 28, 2008


I decided that it's just too dang lonely around this house and brought home my new dog Ezmund on Saturday. What a personality! Talk about a winner.... he walks nicely on a leash, learns very quickly what pleases and displeases me, makes me walk for hours a day (losing 20 pounds will be a CINCH with this guy around!!) and the best part? He turns 3 circles, plops down on his blanket next to my bed and sleeps like a big dog from 10 to 6:30. No middle of the night puppy emergencies. No whining. YEAH!! He even begs to have his leash put back on when we go into the house. I think he kind of likes being my constant sidekick! It does take come getting used to since I haven't had male dogs since I was little. Marking territory is understandable - until it's my sons laundry hamper...

He has the heart (and the attention span) of a six week old puppy, too - and he hasn't met a human, dog or squeaky toy he doesn't love. And happy? You've never met a mellower, more content dog! He went willingly into his kennel when I had to leave for a bit (with all this new furniture, there will be NO accidental gnawings in my house!!) Yes, he has great puppy energy and as long as I'm consistent and make sure the rules are very well defined - and that nobody feeds him off the table when my back is turned - we'll be just fine. Once I teach him that tables are not to be jumped on (especially glass ones), counters don't hold anything meant for him, and the squirrels in the yard are not his tormentors - or his personal playthings - things will be wonderful.