Friday, September 18, 2009

A beautiful day for a ride

Open road beckons.
She adjusts her collar, waits for the rumble of the engine
(when is that battery going to be charged?)

She turns to look and he grins.

Brushing out her hair before crushing it with her helmet.

Her one regret?
She knows she’ll have to arm wrestle him for the keys.

Check out G-Man's place for more and try your hand at your own 55.


  1. Oh you girls that ride your own!!
    No need to wrestle for anything, just ask!
    Besides, who wants to lose to a chick?
    Excellent 55 PG...
    Have a Kick-Ass week-End....G

  2. Well done 55
    I hope you win and get the keys.

    Mine is posted


  3. That is just the cutest picture ever, and your 55 is fun! Mine is up at WG.

  4. I like it! Nothing quite like riding on a bike. ;)

    Brings back memories of Grease 2. :D

  5. gotta have yer own!
    I sold my big old BMW to a younger gal who will ride it everyday like I used to. I'm getten a new scoot!
    pics on my blog laters (when it gets here). Gettin itchy to RIDE!
    Aloha, Sistah ;-]

    Comfort Spiral

  6. My dad used to pick me up on his motorcyle when I was in kindergarden - and the boys thought that made me cool!

  7. Cool! I'm going to have to see what all the fuss is about at G-Man's place! The pic is adorable, btw.

  8. Nice 55. I didn't participate this week but did something else instead. Truth told, I kind of miss it!

  9. Perfect. Perfectly delightful!
    Don't you love this 55 business?