Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shopping list

Vicks vapor rub (for my feet - under socks - don't laugh, it works!)
Chicken & Rice Campbell's Soup
Garlic french bread (garlic chases more than vampires away!)
Carmex for my chapped lips
Drambuie (to go in my tea. it's medicinal. REALLY.)
African Nectar & Wild Sweet Orange tea (More's coming, Scarlet - promise!)
Claritin D (which needs a prescription here, thanks to the meth fiends)

Thanks for coming to visit. Now, go wash your hands - and take your vitamins!


  1. You poor baby! I hope you feel better soon.

  2. agreed. feel better asap and do ot let the house nonsense get you down

  3. Feel better! I am sure Earl Grey and Lucky will be happy to cuddle with you and keep you warm ;)

  4. You sound like a walking Chemist!

  5. Would love to comment, but finding it difficult to see the screen through this flu mask I wore to visit.

  6. Oh I see. You've done the same thing to Scarlet that you have to me. "Here, chica, try some free tea!" Then when we're bug-eyed, slavering addicts for the stuff, the price will go up n up n up, I bet! Got to pay for the vapo-rub somehow. Mhm. LOL.

  7. Oh no! I hope you are feeling better!! Hugs!!

  8. Are you a victim or THE SOURCE? Bless it's little heart.